Export to excel from NAV with excel group function

Making a report to export to excel from NAV is quite easy.

But does anybody know how the “group” function in excel can be used from NAV.

I want to be able to group in excel so possible to use + to expand some of the information instead to see every thing directly. Example group export:




That can be expanded in excel (standard excel group function):

  • 1



  • 2



Hope anybody knows how to do this

After exporting to Excel you should use Range function then use Group function

But what is the C/AL for the group function, do you have an example ?


These aren’t C/AL functions but Excel functions. Aren’t you using Excel automation?

Yes, but which automations - the standard in the exel bufffer. My consultant didn’t find the group type

Inside Excel buffer table you a a global variable called XlRange.

That XlRange is an Excel automation that has group function.