Export to Excel error

Hi All,

In our return order form (AX 2009) when the user tries to export using Excel the following error occurs:

“Method ‘add’ in COM object of class ‘Workbooks’ returned error code 0x800A03EC () which means: .”

So far we have run a repair on Excel, reinstalled AX. This seems to be specific to this workstation. Anybody have this issue or have a resolution? Any help is appreciated!!



Hi Bob,

We have faced the same problem earlier,

Just try to repair or reinstall .Net Business connector…

It might solve your problem…

Hi Bob,

There are a number of reasons this error is returned from Microsoft Excel – the most common is when the user attempts to write data larger than Excel can handle. For example, if we try to write a string longer than 1024 characters to a cell in Excel, it wiill give you an error. Also try installing sp1 of ax 2009 if not installed.

Hope this helps,

Shantanoo, Barry-Wehmiller International Resources