Export to Excel a Report


I want to export a report to excel. I went through other report which contains this option. The report had a function “fctentercell” in the functions tab of the CAL Globals. I dint get exactly how this has to be done. Can anyone pls help me out with this…

In which report you saw that?

Are youtrying to use export through Automation?

You can use excel buffer to export data into excel or you can use excel library automation for the same.

Hi Divya,

Just check out the function, its code and mainly its parameter. You will find this parameter when you click on ‘Local’ on rightside. Now call this function according to your requirement.

For e.g.,

if function has parameter => fctentercell(rowid : integer, columnid : integer, body : code, bold : boolean, underline : boolean)

Your row id will be your excel’s row, column id will be your excel’s column, body will be your values or text you want to display in excel sheet.