Export report from navision 2009 R2 to office 2010 problem

I make report in dynamics nav consist from item ledger entry table as data item only

I make grouping to item no as following

item no quantity cost amount actual

x1 5 2250

x2 10 2240

I need to export this report to excel.

How i can do that

please check report number 6 trail balance in standard NAV.

there is a table called excel buffer which has got the below 4 functions.






use them and create your excel.


For grouping the item you need to group the data on ItemNo using Key

The use either Excel Buffer or Excel Automation for exporting data to excel

If you are using RTC then there is utility avaialbe to export to excel in report itself

Can you told me where this utility found. my dynamic nav is 2009 r2

I have send to Microsoft excel icon above found after i run report but not work are this what you mean or what.


Are you using RTC client ??

If yes then it is available in Report Preview.

If you are using classic client and you are using Send to excel utility available on toolbar which is available only for Forms and not for reports.

For classic client you need to write a program for exporting data to excel using excel buffer or excel automation.