Export Objects using Blob data type

I’m new here, and I’m new to with NAV. I need help to export an object using a Blob data type. I’ve try some things like
tempBlob.Blob.Export(‘object.fob’, TRUE);

CALCFIELDS(“Obj. Blob Reference”);
“Obj. Blob Reference”.EXPORT(FORMAT(“Obj. Type”) + FORMAT(“Obj. Object ID”));

But it don’t works. And with the first block of code the NAV show this ERROR “ The Export() methd is obsolete.” I make this faction in an Action.
Someone can help me?
Thanks [:)]

You need to remove the second parameter in EXPORT function but I think it’s more practical to use BLOBExport function of codeunit 419.

I try it! Thanks [:)]

I remove the second parameter in the Export function and have this error

“Either the caller does not have the required permission or the specified path is read-only”

Someone know how i fixe it? Thanks!

In Export command make sure you specified a complete path which can be written.

In your example the directory is missing, you just stated the file name; moreover remember that if you are running RTC the directory is intended on NST.

when i specify the path it show the same ERROR.