Export more than 5000 records to excel from RTC

Dear Experts,

Please guide me on how to export more than 5000 records to excel from RTC. Is this possible or Is this a limitation?


I have found the same issue in Nav 2009 and Nav 2013 but are you saying you get the same issue on Nav 2016?

Our work around is Copy and Paste rather than Send To.


Hi Ishwar

Please increase the length from 5000 to what to want. Below is the Screenshot. Navigate to Tools - Option


Apart from this one more thing i want to say if you just want to export Data from NAV for any purpose then Use SQL to Export instead of NAV, Its much faster.


Blog - https://rockwithnav.wordpress.com/

the solution of rockwithnav could work.

you also could create a xmlport to export the lines or use the universal excel import/export tool, http://dynamicsuser.net/media/p/474170.aspx.


The solution in the classic client will not work!

Go to the file:

“C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\ClientUserSettings.config”

change the value of


This solves your problem in the RTC, but you have to do it on every client.

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Thanks Neil, RockwithNAV, Jonathan and Robert for your replies. I tried Robert’s suggestion and it works for me. Thank you everyone!

i have the same issue…which Nav Version do you have? i have Nav 2016 but i don t know why i can not see this File “ClientUserSettings.config”, any idea?
thank you.


you have to C:\Users\Current User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\

In the next folder with the NAV version number you can find the ClientUserSettings.config

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