Export into excel

I am using function in Excel Buffer table (T370) to export my Sales reports in Navision Attain into excel format. The data exported successfully and I wanted my excel report to be sorted by the largest sales to the smallest.
Is it possible? Currently, I am doing the sorting manually in excel. It would be great if the system can do it.



Sure. Do your sorting into T370 before you do your export. Good luck!


Could you explain more detail?

I use this link to export my data into excel http://www.mibuso.com/dlinfo.asp?FileID=596


Create (if it isn’t in your table) a key for your table that you want to use. In your report, set DataItemTableView property on the table to the key you want to sort your report on. That should do the trick for you. Good luck!

Hi Zen,

Data required in particular sorting order then you need to create key on the table and use that key in you report/data port.

That will sort the data according to key set on the report.

For creation of key you need to go to Object Designer-> Select the table → click on design → Click on View–> Click on Keys

Hi JSP and Amol,

Thank you for your reply.

The field that I want to sort is a flowfield. In Salespersons table (T13), I created a flowfield to Item Ledgfer Entry to sum all the sales amount and the requirement is to sort the sales from the largest to the smallest amount.

I knew R10062 (Top__Customer List) is good example to sort the report. I was wondering if there is an existing function could be added in Excel Buffer table to sort the data instead.

Your reponse is great appreciated!