Export/Import of service Items ONLY form stock ledger - AX2009

Dear all,

I am trying to to export only the SERVICE ITEMS from the stock ledger for subsequent import into a sister company.

I dont want to export the whole stock ledger as it contains almost 8000 stocke items and will take a few hours for it to export while I only need about 300 service Items from the list.

I have tried to use the definition groups but while the InventTable exports the Service item only, the other tables export the whole stock ledger.

Someone who has done this, please help list the steps.


What are the other tables?

Have you tried by joining the InventTable to the other tables in export criteria and applying similar range on joined inventTable?

Dear Kranthi,

Yes I have as I mentioned above but the other table export ALL the items, not just the service items. How do I tell the system to export data as per the INVENTTABLE only?

For successful import, other tables such as InventSaleSetup, Invent PurchSetup, InventTable Module, InventIemGroup, and other tables data must be exported and imported. These other tables export the whole stock list.

Thanks in advance.

for InventSaleSetup (in export criteria) have you joined the InventTable and applied criteria on ItemType field?

The InventSaleSetup does not have the filed ITEM TYPE for me to select option of SERVICE ITEMS only. I think there should be way to tell AX to only export data for all the table as per the citeria of INVENTTABLE. This is the key factor. But I dont know how?

Any Ideas?


1157.Export criteria.png

See above, right click Item sales order settings and n:1, from the list select items.

Add the range in the range section.

Where is the above form I cannot seem to find it.

Export criteria