Export Consolidation - Slowing Way Down....

I use Export Consolidation to report to our coporate reporting system once per month. Since implementing Navision, this process has gradually slowed down. It now takes an hour to complete.

The issue is that our P&L accounts need to transmit YTD balances. Net change is not allowed by the corporate financial system. The only way I know to do this is to go back to day 1 in Navision and have the Export Consolidation weed through all the transactions.

So, if I close August of 2006, I would run the Export Consolidation report using Start Date of 12/29/02 (the first transaction date in Navision) and Ending Date of 8/31/06. Obviously, this will slow down as time goes on because of the number of transactions added each period.

Given the fact that this 1) works, and 2) is required by my company, the question is as follows:
Is there a way to get a YTD balance on a G/L Account, by Dimension without going through every transaction in the system for that Account?

if you need only global Dimension you could be able to calculate YTD balance using Balance at Date field of G/L Account.

Instead the “Export Consolidation” report reads all the transactions every time you select a Dimension.

That’s a good idea, but I’m not sure it’s what I need.

In any case, I actually customized the Export Consolidation so that it provides month end closing features. It archives account balances by Dimension and appends those to the next close. The results are nearly identical to running the original routine. But, my processing time went from 60 minutes to 1 minute.