Export Classic Report to PDF from RTC in background

I am using 2009 SP1 and want to create PDF files for a classic report in background.

I used Bullzip printer and coded a dummy report and it runs fine in classic mode.

However when it comes to RTC, i use the same report it will prompt out the Bullzip Save as screen.

How can i remove this save as screen and auto save to background?

In RTC there is direct option available to export report in PDF format.

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You can try this blog post


or there is a function called SAVEASPDF, check the function also


Hi Mohana

I tried to use SaveAsPDF function but it won’t work when i am using a report that has Classic version only and i get the same message as in the second link.

Here is the message when i use that report in RTC:

The layout of this report has not been transformed to be viewed in the RoleTailored Client. You can run this report in The Microsoft Dynamics NAV classic version.

As i do not have RDLC for this report (just only have Classic version).

Then Please upgrade your report to rdlc…