Export Balance by Dimension

We are running Attain 3.10 and wish to export our Chart of Accounts by dimension for a date range as a xls or csv file - but we only want to export posting accounts. I can filter the COA by account type but I can’t then specify dimension(s) or date range - are there suggestions? We want to do this so we can import it into another application. Thank You

Hi, Use an account schedule for the accounts that you want to export and use the ‘export to excel’ feature.

If these are the Global DImension you can use the method by rohith. But if not, you will additionally need to setup an Analysis View and then attach this to the account schedule and then Export. From the Overview window.

I would agree that the easiest way would be through an account schedule with an Analysy View linked. If you have more than 4 dimensions that you want to export then you may need to write (or get it written for you) a dataport.