export and import queries

Is there a way to export queries on a table from one user to another? thx, Kathleen

Hello again, maybe I have to ask my question in another way? How can one user use the filter of another user? thx, Kathleen

It’s possible with autoreport. For user query - i think wthout developing you can’t do it.

Could you specify what you mean by “by autoreport”? How do I do that? Kathleen

For example: 1. Open Customers (or other form) 2. Press Print button (or Ctrl+P) 3. In Auto-report dialog you can change query (button Select) or Load Auto-report from another user (button Modify)

ValS, thx for the answer, but unfortunately it is not what I am looking for. I really need a way to export the query or filter you put on the form itself (so you only see specific data on your form and can take actions from that point on) and not the one on the report Other suggestions? Kathleen