Export a report to the list!


I have made a report in object designer. And now i need to transport it do the list at the left sida. So my partners kan use it to. (They dont have object designer).

My questiion is: How do i do that!

Thx! Emil

Hi Emil,

  1. Open the Navigation Pane - Designer (Tools->Navigation PAne Designer)

  2. Choose the appropriate navigation pane and menu.

  3. Right Click in the Menu → “Create Item”

  4. Choose “Object Type” Report, fill in the Report ID of the Report you want to deploy.

  5. Hit “ESC” and confirm the save prompt with yes.

  6. Users have to re-login to find the report.

Regards Jan

Thanks alot Jan!! [Y]

but… i cant open the navigationpane designer :(… dont think my licens allows that… but i can open object designer…

can you modify in your object designer? and you can see your license type in TOOL----> LICENSE

hey even if you have customer license you should be able to access the menus in the Navigation pane!

Hmm. Shuld i be able to open the “navigationpanel” wherever i am. or must i open the report first?

If i click on “Tools” then the “navigationpanel” is grey. cant click on it. but “Object designer” can i open… hmm …

Hi Emil

just follow the below steps.for example lets add report to this location Purchase->Planning->Reports

1.Press Alt + F12 (It will make you navigation pan editable)

2.Now go to purchase->Planning->Reports

3.Right click ur mouse and select Creat Item

0676.Menu.bmp (374 KB)

4.A window will be open select report as your object type and Type your object ID as your like below

4606.Rep Win.bmp (180 KB)

5.Press Esc it eill ask to save

6.Save the modifications

7.Ask other users to close navision and reopen

thats all


Jerome Marshal.j

Thanks Marshal for the instructions. But nothing happends when i press alt + f12…

I think its not available in my licens… but its wierd becouse i can use object designer and save my reports. But not use the navigationpanel (alt+f12)…

Can you try this?

  1. Open Object Designer

  2. On the left side of the window click on “MenuSuite”

  3. Select MenuSuite 90 Company

  4. Click “Design”

Now the menusuite-designer should open. Maybe try to close an restart your client again.

Regards Jan

Jan thank you!!

Now it works!!

What did i do? and what happened:)

Hi Emil

Check your user role is defined as super or SUPER (NAVIPANE);

Click Tools->Database Login/Windows Login->Roles


Jerome Marshal

You’re welcome :-). Please don’t forget to verify a solution.