Explosion from sales order


Working in AX 2009, is there any report or inquiry that would provide explosion for a sales order?

I know from Sales order details form in the lines section there is an inquiry explosion. however, it provides explosion for the selected line only and not for all the lines.

Is it possible to call the explosion class/form from sales order (header).

Can we add this explosion in the inquiries for sales order?

Any help is appreciated.



If you ran Master Planning and then looked at the explosion this would show you the plan for everything.

The explosion is available by sales lines → inquiries → Explosion

I want from sales header. The idea is to export the explosion data for the sales order(id est. all saleslines for given sales order) through one query/inquiry/report.

No there is nothing as stadnard - the base plan run would create all line explosions, so in essence for the whole order, but when you approach planning in this manner and it is order centric if you have common parts it becomes potentially very wasteful on replenishment orders unless you hold stock to cover this.

Thanks Adam,

I will dump the requirements data from reqTrans and ReqTransCov through SQL. that would not probably get me all that we see on the explosion form but would do it for now.

I think I will add an init method for the sales header to sales req trans explosion class to loop through each line, collecting the exploded information in a tmp table for throwing it to a report section.

Thanks for the help,