Exploding BOM in individual Purchase orders?

Dear all,

I have the following problem:

We have an item A1. To produce 1 piece of A1, we need to purchase items B1,B2,B3,B4 and B5 from
different vendors.

Is it possible, in standard Axapta, to create the purchase orders for B1…B5 automatically? I already tried to create a BOM item A1 with lines B1…B5 for this purpose. However, I don’t succeed in creating the individual purchase orders automatically from this BOM.

Many thanks in advance


PS: we use Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta 3.0.

If you had demand for A1 and you have planning in your version and run it then it will suggest the planned purchase orders for you.

Thanks for your answer.

Is it also possible to create the purchase orders manually (e.g. pressing a button to create them), without the use of planning?

I presume you mean without pressing new and creating them [:D] In your example the answer is no because the purchase orders are for the components, you need to make the order, you can create the production order, but the purchase orders are related to production, not sales, so your answer is no.