Explode / Collapse code

I need some help! I might be wrong, but I think that I remember that I once somewhere in NAV saw some code for Explode / Collapse records in a form. But I simply cannot remember where!

I have a some records in a table consisting off data in several levels, where I would like the users to be able to collapse all levels (or individual levels) to make the overview better.

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for. But you have form – 634 Chart of Accounts Overview

It wasn’t exactly that one, but this one is even better!

Thanks! [:)]

Actually I miss one thing in this form:

I would love if it could remember the explode/collapse “state” from user to user.

Long long time ago there was a form (or code sniplet) called “Treeview”. Either here in the download section or on the other friendly nav group. I should have it somewhere. But I cannot answer the question that this form was “saving” the view status per user. You want me to look into my backups?

I found these:



Maintain an expand/collapse state between users can have performance issues. A simple action of opening a form and expanding to view it would result in several writes to database. It’s possible to do it, but it has this drawback

take a look in NAV 5.0 form 5522.