Explode BOM

Hi All

I found a form on the sales order line Function Button “Explode BOM” , Can anyone tell me the functionality “Explode BOM”.


It will take the constituent parts of a bill of material and create them as individual items to plan from.

Adam can you ellaborate it little more in detail and if possible with some example, plz


But when i select the BOM type item on the sales order line and click on “Explode BOM” window open which gives the BOm of the Finished Good and if i select all and click ok the quantity and amount will goes zero.

And why we are using this, can u explain me with some example,


You have a kit with 10 components but you do not sell the kit, you sell the 10 components individually - put the BOM on and press explode and it does it for you.

But in that case we can select raw material from the item master. I think after production of the finished good if we want to explode… am i correct

But someone told me if we want to take out the production cost of the item before production we can use Explode but when i try this, it is some thing different.


No the point is you avoid production - there is nothing to make as the components are all individual.

No idea what “someone” was saying or what you asked.

Hi Imran,

Explode BOM functionality in the sales order facilitates you to replace the item with set of component items. This indicates that you are selling BOM components instead of BOM and henceforth BOM qty is reset to “0”.

This scenario is usually seen in places where the company doesn’t have clear information of what they intend to sell or customer has not provided complete requirement but it is confirmed that customer has given Purchase order for complete set.

This also helps the end user in avoiding the creation of no of order lines manually, instead explode BOM and system creates the lines for you