Explode BOM in Item reclassification Journal

Dear All,

Can Someone Explain What is the Use of BOM Component Table in NAV R2 and How it get updated?

Kindly suggest how to provide Explode BOM in Item Reclassification Journal.

Thanx in Advance


Thanx Mohana for the link of Knowing the Use of Assembly BOM

Kindly explain me how we can Explode BOM in Item Reclassification Journal as My Client is using Production BOM and

Explode BOM in Item Journal Line is working on Basis of BOM Components

You can Calc. Consumption function in Consumption Journal for help

When i am Trying to Save the Changes made in Consumption Journal Form in Item Reclassification Journal i am Facing below error on saving:-

Please Suggest

In item reclassification journal there is option for Explode BOM .Have a look at that …

Dear Amol,

I have checked the Explode BOM Option, but that is recalculation the No. Components Line on the Basis of BOM Components Table

that work in case of Assemble BOM, But i am Working with Production BOM that;s why BOM Components Table is not updating.

Kindly Suggest a Solution