explicitly selected "Stack Race?

Field “fieldname” in Table “tablename” has not been explicitly selected in ax 2012.

I could not post any journal because of this.

Any solution and root cause of this error?

Hi Saju,

I just want to know that did you get the solution?

If yes, Please give me solution.


This will happen when your code is trying to access the unretrieved data. Error is based on the performance related parameter, error on invalid field access in System administration → setup → server → server configuration (there were some issues identified in the standard product with this setup and they got fixed, so search for the related hot fixe).

If it is due to the custom code, you can use isFieldDataRetrieved method to check whether the field has access before using the field.

Thanks Kranthi

Some times…When synchronization problem in the table as well…Just restart and service and synk the DB as well…