Explain the Find Method in Axapta.

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Can any one explain the following code. How it is working.what is the use of the Find Mehtod.

static InventTable find(ItemId itemId,

boolean update = false)


InventTable inventTable;



if (itemId)


select firstonly inventTable

index hint ItemIdx

where inventTable.ItemId == itemId;


return inventTable;


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This method is used to get all the details about product based on ItemId. And this method require 2 arguments

It is not a Override method. So they gave the name find for better understand.

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Thanks for your Quick Reply.

I want to know these cases 1) if i put boolean update = false what will happen.why it is default false.

  1. if i put boolean update = true what will happen.

Explain below statement

inventTable.selectForUpdate(update); ==> what is the use of this line of code.how it works

The second parameter is just a way to have the Find method more complete, so you should set it to True when you want to modify the found buffer, for example:

inventTable = InventTable::find(“Frame”, true);
inventTable.PBAItemConfigurable = NoYes::No;

This is the same as:

inventTable = InventTable::find(“Frame”);
inventTable.PBAItemConfigurable = NoYes::Yes;

So basically is a best practice in order to have better code.


If i put boolean update = false ,If condition satisfy , It will not return any value at first looping its true or false(actually there is no default property value for variable),If you put boolean update=true ,It will return the value ,If condition is satisfy.If condition fail,it will exit .

inventTable.selectForUpdate(update); ==>("Use of update the variable values,whether delete,insert,modify…whatever Updates)

I want to share a table generator methods and classes to Ax 2012