Expiry date pop up


I have a trade firm. I purchased items with expiry date.

For example Today i purchased a item Cake . qty = 1 Kg rate = 100 /- this item Expiry date is May 15 - 2008.

So when i sell this item on May 21-2008 that means when i create sales order. I need to get the pop up this item crossed Expiry date.

Is there any default setup in Navision.

If yes how it is please explain the process.

If no How to solve this issue…

Please share u r experience and suggestions…

thanks and regards

No there is no “pop-up” of the expiry daet as standard, so to solve this you need to modify the system based upon the requirements in set circumstances.

I would suggest a post in the developers forum detailing the request of what you are trying to achieve.

when you specify lot number tracking for the item, you can select “strict expiry posting”

then when you are posting, if the item is expired you will get warning and not be allowed to post

Sorry I read that completely wrong, I was reading that as the system “showing” you the expiry date, not that the expiry date had gone beyond - Romeo is correct in his statement regarding the setup, although in reality you need to monitor you expired stock so it is written off as the expiry date is reached, because if you have a lead time and it takes a week to get the goods in sales are seeing the stock, even though it is not “available” on the date you are going to ship it.