Expiration Calculation

I have a customer that needs to track goods by expiration date. While looking to see how they could do this, I came across Item Tracking and the Expiration Calculation field. Can anyone tell me how to use this? I have not been able to find any documentation. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Is this related to CRM or Navision? I ask as it seems like Navision but is posted in the CRM forum. I will assume this is a mis-posting! I have used the appropriate help files here. In Item Tracking you have the Maintain Expiration Date Entry required field. A check mark in this field indicates that you must manually enter an expiration date on the item tracking line. This setup field works in conjunction with the Strict Expiration Posting field to manage expiration dates on inventory items. If no expiration date is specified on the item tracking line and this field does not have a check mark, no expiration date will be referenced or required on the item tracking line. With the Strict Expiration posting field a check mark in this field indicates that an expiration date assigned to the item tracking number as it entered inventory must be respected when it exits inventory. This field is mostly used together with the Man. Expir. Date Entry Reqd. field, which gives a system message if you forget to define the expiration date upon entering inventory. If you do not checkmark that field, the strict posting principle will use work date as expiration date on the inbound item tracking line in question. Then of course you have your field, this creates the calcualtion, so if you enter “1Y” the expiration date is one year from the appropriate start point. My best advice is to enter appropriate values and process transactions through the system. If memory serves me this was a problematic area in earlier versions.