Experiences porting from 3.56 to 2.01 / 2.50

Does anyone have experiences porting from Navision 3.56 to Navision Financials 2.01 / 2.50. What should we look out for, where are the tricky parts and so on. ------------------------ Morten K. Barfoed Datatech S.p.A ------------------------

Our experience with the US product is that you need to go from 3.5x to 1.1 then 1.2, then 2.0, then 2.01, then 2.5, etc. It is a difficult, time-consuming task. Good Luck, Jack

I hope my informations may be useful for you: for updating an application from N3.X to NF2.x you have two possibilities: - use Navision standard functionality where you can use a N3.X Backup into NF - adapt your changes new in NF and import the records with dataports, codeunits or sth. else I think the first possibility will be useful, if there aren’t lot of new changes you have to, because your customer wants to have some changes/new adaptions. The benefit is, that you can use the backup of N3X and import it into NF. You have to transfer the objects too, but there are some functionalities from Navision (you can find this on your Navision Financials Product CD 1.20 (! hope, you have this old versions…) I prefer the second possibility, when you have other circumstances: (especial if you / the customer want to use more standard-functionality, that e.g. you have programmed in N3X, because in N3X this functionality was not standard) or you want to restructure your code… Then start like a “new project”… (If the datas, esp. postings (ledger entries) are OK, you can use dataports and transfer them without Problems.) Please be careful of following: * currency / excange rates - other logic! So you have to recalculate the amounts (the excange rates) * VAT-ledger entries they will not be insertet, not even if you use the standard- functionality for upgrading! * Posting-Groups they will not be transferred automatically, I thing its useful to create a translate-table… (eg. customer posting group in N3X is splitted into Cust. post.gr. + Prod.Post.Gr. + "Gesch."post.gr. in NF) (also not even if using standard-upgrade…) Best regards!