Experience using Crystal Reports with Navision

Has anyone experience using Crystal with Navision (see below) Two globals (type automation): GL1 - ‘Crystal Report Engine 6.0 Object Library’.Application GL2 - ‘Crystal Report Engine 6.0 Object Library’.Report Using the following Code under a Button (On Push): CREATE(GL1); GL2 := GL1.OpenReport(‘c:\temp\Report.rpt’); Has the following result : Call to member openreport failed & Unable to load report. Any suggestions ?

I never used this Automation, keep in mind that only non-visual OCX and Automation Controller are supported, Also NF do not support all COM variables yet. So basically not all COM component can be used in Navision Financials. Here’s a general tip when experimenting with a new OCX/Automation : Register them with any dev. tools which are fully compliant with all COM component (ie: VB, Delphi, VC++) Once you get your code working in VB or Delphi just translate your VB/Delphi code to C/AL. If your C/AL code generate a run-time error related to the COM component then it’s very likely that the object cannot be used directly (you might have to write a wrapper for it) in Navision. tarek_demiati@ureach.com