Expenses in Ax 2009

Respected Experts,

How to book import expenses and export expenses where to enter those kind of expenses.

For example : Godown Rent.

Thanks very much in advance.

Hi Harsh,

I think AX indian localization version has Import module also… not sure but there might be something for booking expenses.

However, at time of import you must be creating PO. Either you can use misc. charges to book the expenses or othserwise you can use general journal or invoice journal. There are certain import related taxes also which is booked as expense so you can use sales tax codes also.

In case of export, generally no taxes are applicable and if there is any expense then use misc charges or journals.

The example you provided didn’t clicked me. If the expense is go-down rent then that is administrative expenses. You must have rent as an expense account and the landlord as vendor. So you can use invoice journal for booking rent.