Expense out Item!!!


I have a question regarding expense out Item in NAV… Example the Item is use for sampling transaction…the item is out in inventory but not as sales…then the cost and amount for that transaction is not go to AR account…but to other account? and no effect in customer?..how to deal with that in NAV? any idea

Are you charging for it? If you are then there will be an affect on the customer.

With regards to cost do you want to cost these through the system really? You can set the inventory value to zero. With regards to the COGS of you do go this way then the sample has a sample product posting group, this way you can also control the sales account - but you will still see it against the customer if you charge for it.

You could also look at resources, depends if you need to know how many you have or if there is an inventory value.

No Charges to customer…but just a reference that the sample Item goes to that Customer. I just test one transaction as sales and I just change the Customer posting group…to Other account NOT AR account…but it still effect the Customer… and I also test it with Item journal…the problem wiht item journal is that no Effect to the GL account.onlyh with the inventory

My client want is to…out the Item but no effect the AR or the Customer and not recoreded as Sales…Any other idea…Hoping for your reply…[:D]

If you are not charging for it then only 0.00 will be posted to AR.

How were you changing the posting group - on the line? How did if affect the customer?

It journal will have an affect on GL if you are posting your inventory costs and the item has a cost value and you have not set the item to be zero inventory costed.

From what you have told me if your posting groups are configured correctly and your sales value is 0.00 you will get exactly what you want with regards to how standard NAV works - any modifications?

Try this senario:

1 - create a customer card that posts to an account different than AR.

2- when you create the invoice, select the sell to customer the one who is taking the sample, and set the new customer as bill to customer.

3- to avoid having a cumulated balance in the new customer card and affect the adjust currency exchange rate batch and so, create a payment method having a balancing account the G/L that you have chosen instead of AR. select it in the invoice and post it.

i would appreciate any comments or notes.


I tried the Suggestion of remeo, thats in creating another customer and bill it to that customer the entry is ok…but I got the problem with my Sales Account…it create an entry it Sales account…suppose to be it will not entry a sales account…because some of the Sampling item does not return/ or paid so it will not considered as sales…is there a way that it will not create an entry for Sales Account. Hoping for your reply…ty

So you sell the sample for 0.00 and the order is 0.00 so what is it creating in the sales ccount? What information am I missing?

No sir…I sell with selling Amount…but that seeling amount must not go to sales Account…or must not create a sales entry. Just Effect in Cost,Inventory…and the Other Account(not AR). but must not affect the Sales Account…any suggestion, hoping for your reply…thanks very much.

ummm, the only effect you want is AR account and inventory?

then you should sell at 0 amount, and set the COGS account the AR account you mentioned

when you post inventory cost to G/L the accounting entry will be correct, but i’m not sure how correct it is accounting wise. i suppose the AR account used is income statement.

So why did you say:

“No Charges to customer…but just a reference that the sample Item goes to that Customer.”

I need you to clarify again as you are mixing your references here:

The SALES account is driven by the combination of the posting setup. Do you want ANYTHING to go here.

Your DEBTORS account is driven by your customer. Do you want ANYTHING to go here.

Sales and AR Debtors are different. Sales you can control by setting the item up properly with a defined posting setup. The debtors account is what the customer owes you, just because you sell a sample why do you want this to be referenced elsewhere?

Hi sir

The Scenario is:

Must Not Create any entry to SALES Account(beacuse they do not considred it as sales)

Debtor Acccount(Must not create entry to AR Account but instead To other Account ex. Sample Expense Account) the Sales amount must go here.

Must Create an Entry to Invetory and COGS.

My Clent want to see, where the Sample Item Delivered…that why they have to refernce it to the customer…but must not create a balance or Effect to the customer…

Any suggestion? Hoping for your reply…TY:)

In standard NAV the debtors account is the debtors account. What the customer owes you comes from the customer, it is not defined on a customer and item setting. The customer posting group is defined on the sales header, I am not sure if the system references it here, I would presume so, so you need to make this visible and understand any programatic elements of changing it here. Then alter it to a sample processing debtors account posting group, so you will need a specific posting group created and configured that is not customer but item specific. Then post this through. Obviously this will not allow any debtor reconciliation reports by customer posting group as I would guess these are driven from the customer.

You can control the sales by the combinaiton of Product and Business posting group, so your sample item has a sample product posting group and this handles your sales and COGS.

Your inventory comes from the inventory posting group, so you will need a new one of these against the item as well.