expense note: shared categorie expense & project


When i’m working on the setup of the expense notes, I’m facing the following problem:

  1. I’m setting up the shared categories in the travel and expense module. For example, hotel. I select can be used in Project & can be used in Expense, so that I can link the expense category to a project.

  2. after that, I make the expense category hotel, and select also use in project.

  3. now I should be able to make an expense note for a Hotel, with a link to a project.

However, when I select both" can be used in projec"t & “can be used in expense”, I can’t select any expense category. But when I select only "can be used in Expense" , I can see the expense category. So for one reason the selection "can be used in project" blocks the visibility of the expense category.

The strange thing is that I’m facing this only on the production environment. Does anyone can help me out on this one?

Thank you very much in advance