Expected Qty vs. Serial Numbers available etc.

We are conducting our year end inventory and are having some issues with Expected Qty, Number of Serial Numbers Available, and Actual Inventory. Exp. Qty = 8 Serial Numbers available = 14 Actual Stock = 11 How does Navision Calculate the Exp. Qty. or Quantity Available? I would think that the Expected Qty, and the Number of Serial Numbers available SHOULD be the same. Help…anyone? any thoughts? BTW. We are running v.3.7 on the Native Database. We had some issues w/ Inventory on 3.6 BUT thought they were all fixed up… :frowning:

Sandy, Where are you getting these numbers from?

Expected Qty from the Physical Inventory Journal. Serial Numbers from the Item Tracking Table. Actual Stock…ummm…our warehouse!

Hi Sandy 3.70 the serial numbers are held in the item ledger entry table - or is this a localisation?

Yes, the Serial Numbers are in the Item Ledger Entry Table…my bad. Two different screen show it two different ways, and I didn’t dig deep enough. BUT, still having issues.

Hi Sandy So if you run the physical inventory journal the quantity is 8. If you look at the item ledger entry filter on the open entries how many do you have? Is it 14? Are you filtering on any location or anything for the physical inventory journal?

Open? I’m not sure anymore. We have fixed the problem, but I’d like to know WHY it happened. AND we were filtering on our Main Warehouse…both in the Physical Inventory and on the Item Ledger Entries.

So what did you do to fix it? This may show us why it happened!

We did a mixture of negative adjustment w/ Serial Numbers and then Negative adjustments w/o Serial Numbers. Getting Inventory down to zero. Then made a positive adjustment w/ serial numbers back up to what the stock level should be.