ExpandIT Navision Table Optimizer

Does anyone have any experience with this product?

Well, this tool - like most other NAV tools from ExpandIT - is just a kind of “Send Key” utility, e.g. like the “SendKey” method from the “Windows Script Host” (maybe ExpandIT is using this feature?!).

Means: The “Table Optimizer” just opens a NAV client, connects to the DB and runs the standard Table Optimization - actually by simulating the key-strokes and mouse-clicks you would perform manually to execute this task. Thus, the tool just executes the inbuilt NAV feature, it does not do anything different.

Hence, it is quite convenient to have such a tool to automatically perform this optimization. But have this in mind: The “Table Optimization” actually defragments the tables and releases some space in the DB - but specific table would perform better in a fragmented state (due to the “Version Principle” in NAV). So, this optimization should not be a periodic task, you should perform it on specific tables manually, once in a while - IMHO no need to spend money for such a thing …

like Jorg said, this process of tables optimization must be done manually.
ExpandIT tools work w/o WSH. It uses WinApi Send/PostMessage things.

Thanks Jorg and Igor. That is very helpful feedback. Another question, and I hope this doesn’t seem to silly:

Is it true that all this application does run the NAV optimize function tables? This in optimizes the tables for reading and rebuilds the SIFT indices? It is not a substitute for standard SQL Maintenance (defraging indices, etc.) Is this correct?

Yes it uses std. Navision optimize button.
Navision optimize option rebuilds indexes and deletes zero sift indexes. Jörg in is website has a script to delete zero sift indexes using SQ, since you can only rebuild / defrag indexes using SQL Manager.