ExpandIT Mobile Sales : Sales Prices&Qty Discount

We’re planning to implement ExpandIT Mobile Solution Solution in our HeadOffice and Subsidiaries. I was bit disapointed to recently find out that the alernative Prices (Table ID 7004) and the sales Quantity discount are not out of the box features in ExpandIT Mobile Sales Solution (they’re out of the box features in Navision 3.60) , they both require customizations. [V] Anyway here are my questions to all ExpandIT Whiz-Kidz out here : 1/ Have you implemented the Alternative Sales Prices and Quantity Discount in ExpandIT Mobile Sales Solution? Is it a major piece of customization ? Will you be willing to share or sell the code ? 2/ Is it possible to insert, modify and delete record in real time using the Online Connector ? (I do not require to VALIDATE or Execute any trigger, I just need to perform a simple record update) 3/ Regarding data syncrhonization, Is it possible to process the order in Company A and get a Stock level from Company B (all our subsidiaries do not own any stocks)