ExPandIT Launch Utility

I have several jobs that i want to be carried out every 5., 15. and 60. minute plus a night-job running each night. Currently I’m using ExPandIT Launch Utility and Automate as scheduler. There’s one problem though: ExPandIT should be able to close down the Navision session, if you display the message ‘ExPandIT Launch Utility Finished’. This works when only one session is running, but when 2 sessions are running ExPandIT looses focus on the first session which will not be closed!!My solution is to set the ‘Timeout’ in the ExPandIT .ini-file to 3600 seconds. This is not an optimal soultion since it should be possible to only let the Navision Session run until the job is finished! I’m running Attain 3.01b, Launch Utility 2.1.318 and Automate 4 .

please let me know what Automate 4 is and where to get it from. Thanks!

Why don’t you use the job-scheduler for this?

If you mean Scheduled Task - it works great! I wish ExpandII tells more to their customer that their software is NOT working as they say WITHOUT the add-on software like Scheduled Task in Windows.

No, I mean the Navision Job scheduler, one of the modules.