ExpandIT Launch Utility - Close Message Issue


We recently purchased ExpandIT’s Launch Utility to schedule the import of EDI transactions. The process works perfectly, expect that the report ends with a message which I need to confirm.

Reading the help documentation it seems you can add the CloseMessage into the .ini file using Notepad.

CloseMessage=*out of * Purchase Documents are posted. * out of * Sales Documents are posted.

However, it is having no effect. Do I need to put the message in a particular location in the file?

Your assistance would be appreciated.

This functionality cannot be controlled from the settings in the user interface. It must be configured in the ini file, which can be edited with a normal text editor such as notepad. The following settings have been added:

This setting can occur multiple times in the configuration file. Each entry can contain a text that will be matched against messageboxes displayed by the Navision client. If the text matches the text in the messagebox then the messagebox will be closed by the Launch Utility.

The match expression can contain the wildcard characters * and ?. The match is case sensitive.



This will match ab123c4d.

Response from ExpandIT

I have run some tests and looked at your log file. The CloseMessage setting is a special setting that was introduced because a specific customer needed it. Today we have a handful of installations that use this setting. Because of the usage of this setting it hasn’t made it to the GUI of the Launch Utility yet. That means that you can only use it if you manipulate the ini files manually from a text editor such as Notepad. It also means that if you put the CloseMessage in your ini file and load that into the GUI of the program it will not have any effect if you hit the “Test” button. Here is what you should do if you want to use the CloseMessage tag in the ini file.

  1. Open the Launch Utility from the start menu and build your configuration.

  2. Save your configuration to an ini file.

  3. Go to the Scheduling menu in the Launch Utility and select Show Command Line.

  4. Click “yes” to copy the command line to the clipboard for later use.

  5. Open the ini file in Notepad.

  6. Add the CloseMessage tag using Notepad and save the ini file again.

  7. Open a command prompt and run the command that you have on the clipboard.