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Want a small clarification from our experts in Navision 4. Sir, I have found that my database has consumed 91% of the total database size. I would like to expand my Navision database. Whether I have to go in “File-Database-Expand-Add(KB)” or is any other option for expanding the database. Would like to know whether the said procedure can de done on office hour or I have to log out all users in order to expand the database.

Pl. guide…???

To expand database you have to use Navision client using “File-Database-Expand-Add”
It’s recommended to be only one user when expanding database.

It is possible to expand while other users are online. And it works. Done it myself a few times. I never experienced any problems. [:)]

[:-*] But - if possible - be the only user.

And if you are not running as single-user - e.g. via a service - then stop the service after the expand and then restart.

You should never expand the database whilst other users are logged in. The Navision Native database has a version principle that manages versiosn, and allows multi users to do virtually anything. If there is a crash, Navision recovers from errors, And you wont lose data

EXCEPT ---- The version principle for some bizare reason does not function whilst expanding a database. So if anything crashes or goes wrong during an expand, you WILL lose the entire database. Exapnd is the only function in Navision that works like this.

So if you want to expand, log off all users, create a backup, and then expand the database.

i’m using microsoft navision 4 sp 1

database : sql server 2000

but i cannot find file - database - expand

in file – database, there’re only new,open,alter,test,delete,close, | ,information

why i don’t have menu expand?

Dear Stan,

If you read the tread again, then you will see that this is regarding the Navision database (aka the native database). Not the SQL database.

You can expend the SQL database by using the ALTER database tool or from your SQL Enterprise Manager. You can also set your SQL database to expand automatically.

ok2…i thought expand database could done in native or sql database

Yes you can expand both a Native and SQL database, but the approaches are very different.

But for performance reasons, it is best not to do it automatically. SQL can decide to expand the DB in the middle of some transaction, this means the transaction is suspended until the expansion is finished. Depending on the setup, it can take some time.

So better expand the DB manually when no one is working.