exorbitant value in transfer order

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When executing a inter site transfer of material one journal created with a value of more than one trillion whereas the actual value is less than 1000. Has anyone experienced similar situation. Can anyone enlighten why this happened and how to prevent from further occurance. Thank you in advance

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want some more detail about this…

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We adopt weighted average method of costing.We enclose the screen shot of transfer order in production- workcenter movement of materials with value. By running recalculation it gets nullified but the created journals with these exorbitant values remain in the system which is not acceptable.

We follow weighted average cost method for valuation. This high value happens during work center issue of materials against production orders.When we run recalculation the value gets nullified but the transactions in financial voucher remains which is not acceptable. This has happened approximately 6 transactions over a period of 6 months.