Execute files from Navision

Is there any possibility to execute variable files form Navision?
For example: i have a form looking like the windows explorer where i can select a file. with a push on an ‘open-button’ i want to execute the file like a doubleclick in windows. when i select a .wav file, the system should run the mediaplayer or if i select a .mp3 file it should run winamp…
(I know the path and the Filename to execute)

is there any possibility to realize this whitout hardcoding the programms for each filetype?

You can use HYPERLINK.

But with Hyperlink I have to create a Shell for each Programm and that is what I want to avoid.

What do you mean with creating a “Shell”?
HYPERLINK(‘c:\subdir\file.xls’); checks in Windows to which .exe it is connected and then runs that .exe.