Execute a Function in C/Front

Assume that there is a Codeunit Called MyCUnit. In which there is a Function called MyFunction. Now, if I need to execute this function from Navision, I can just say CodeUnit.Run. Now my question is How do I execute a function of a Codeunit through C/Front ? Similarly How do I execute a function in a Form through C/Front ? Say, I need to activate onPush() event of a button in a Form say MyForm. Immediate help will be highly appreciated. Desperately in need of this.

Even i did not find the solution for this but you can do some trick like making a temporary table and a timer, i have given the solution in details in other reply, you can find out.

C/Front is a data access tool. The code is executed by the Navision client, so the answer to your question is: No Way. The code can be executed by the Navision Application server if you have one, by job scheduler or by a custom-built message queue. Cheers.