Executables Upgrade

Hi All, We have a client on Financials 2.5. They have been looking at a product designed to interface between Navision and Excel. The product can only run on 3.01 or above. Simple question ?. Can they open their 2.5 database with the 3.01 executables and carry on as normal ? Thanks in advance Rob

Hello Robin, Firstly you will need to ensure that their licence has been upgraded to run Atttain executables. The granule is : 2,110 Navision Attain 3.XX If not, you will need to ask MBS to provide a new one. You cannot open a 2.50 database in Attain, but you can back it up and restore it into Attain. I would recomend that you go for GB3.60, rather than GB3.10 or GB3.01. I am assuming that you are moving them from 2.50 native Navision to 3.60 native Navision and not from native Navision to SQL. This is because some coding that is permitted in C/SIDE is not permitted by SQL. We have a client who is currently running a 2.00 database on Attain 3.10, and we have not experienced any issues arising from it. Long term we are looking to upgrade them fully to Attain however. I would recomend that you test this out on a test copy of their system before making any recomendations to them, however[:D]! Hope this is of help.

Hi Edward, Thanks for your response. Just one query. I seem to remember someone somewhere saying that it was only 2.01 or earlier that you had to back up and restore into later versions and that 2.5 and later you could simply open in 3.6. Could you clarify ? Many thanks Robin

Hi Robin, It would appear that it is indeed possible to open a 2.50 database in 3.60 [:I]! I prefer to do a restore when doing this after someone I used to support upgraded their database executables from 1.30 to 2.00 by openning their standard Navision database in 2.00 and started getting internal errors. This was fixed by recompiling the database several times.

Thanks Edward. And I’ll remember to try it on a test database first ! [;)] Rob