Exclude tax for TDS Calculation in AX 2009 as it's available in AX 2012

In AX 2012, there is a functionality for excluding tax for TDS calculation for General Journal.

This can be achieved by selection tax in General Jounal → Setup → Withholding Tax → Withholding Tax Groups & selecting the tax in the field “Exclude Ta for TDS or TCS calculation”.

When creating a General Journal for expense type, when we look at the calculation of the withholding tax, the selected tax is excluded from the calculation of amount origin for calculating withholding tax.

How can this functionality be achieved in AX 2009, as we cannot find any standard functionality for it.

Hi Krupa,

If you have any functionality related query from the end user’s point of you I would suggest you to initiate threads in

End User Forums, this category is for development related queries.

Please elaborate if the query is not functional but development related.

Hi Abhinay,

Our end client wants us to develop this for AX 2009 if it’s not available.

So my actual question was that, is it feasible to make changes in the standard code for calculation of taxes or not?

If no, then what can be the implications?

If yes, then please provide guidance as to how to proceed with that.

There are too many uncertainties with your query, the foremost step I wold suggest is to get it checked if the desired functionality exists in the system, you ought to have a functional on your side to analyze.

It depends on the actual requirement and that is where analysts’ job comes into picture. Altering an existing functionality is always a challenging task and should not be judged on the basis of its feasibility.