Exclude sales order type from placing demand in Master Planning

Problem: When we order furnished material from our suppliers, a demand is being made in Master Planning.

Goal: Create a new sales order of type “Furnished” which would be ignored by MP.

We still however, need to be able to receive the items for tracking. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Can you explain more. Your purchase order will be fulfilling demand (presumably) but not sure why you want to create a new order and have MP ignore it - what is the process and purpose here?

Thanks a lot for the reply, I’ll try my best to explain.

When customer supplied material is ordered, we do not want MP to create a planned purchase order. If I understand correctly, we do not want an “item requirement” to be filled. However, we still want to be able to receive and track items when they do come in.

Does this help?

So in the BOM define the warehouse as a custoimer supplied warehouse and then set the warehouse to be manual from a planning perspective