Exclude permissions

Hi, I have seen that in security system of navision you can only include permissions. Is there a way to select a role (i.e. super) and then exclude some rights from this role ? At this time I must define a new role with the permissions I want. What if you want all permissions except access to only 2 or 3 tables ? Have I to define a new role from the beginning ? Thanks in advance

Hello, Yes, you will either have to build a new one from scratch or assemble it from the pre-defined user roles. You cannot take a super user and “diminish” its rights. I’m afraid that this is the way that it is with Navision. You have to build a users permissions up rather than take a high power user and take away certain rights. Some people try to get round this by putting in coding, but in my experience this always ends in tears as the flexibility is lost & promoted users compain that even though their rights have been updated, they cannot do what they want.[:(] I don’t know if it is available in Greece, but in the UK MBS released a permission cnfiguration toolkit on a 3.70 toolkit CD that allows you to “Walk through” what you want your user to do, “record” the permissions and “save” them. It also has a number of other useful tools including some reports for permissions. you might want to try to get this.