Excise Settlement Functionality!!

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Can anyone please help me to know the process of Excise settlement functionality in navision 5 SP1.

If any one having any document regarding that then please send me


Open the Bank Payment Voucher having the following fields (In case the fields are not available then insert them through Form Designer):

a) E.C.C. No.

b) RG/Service Tax Setoff Date

c) PLA Setoff Date

Select the G/L account where excise payable entries have been posted. Fill the following Fields:

a) Posting Date : Posting Date of Voucher. In this case I am taking as 05/02/11 (DD/MM/YY).

b) RG/ServiceTax Set Off Date: Date upto which the RG credit entries and Excise Payable entries have to be taken. Normally it is the last date of the month for which settlement has to be made. In my case it will be 31/01/11 because I am making settlement for the month of Jan 2011.

c) PLA Setoff Date : Date upto which the PLA entries have to be taken. Indian Excise law allows the company to deposit the excise amount upto 5th of next month. So in case some PLA amount has been deposited in current month and the amount has to be used for settling the due of last month, then current date needs to be given . In my case I am taking 05/02/11.

d) E.C.C. No. : ECC no. of location for which excise settlement has to be done. In case we have multiple excisable units then multiple entries needs to be posted. One entry will do the settlement of One Location only.

e) Account Type : Account Type should be G/L Account.

f) Account No. : Excise Payable account for the location.


Click on Payments Tab – Tax Payments – Excise


The following Form will be opened. This will show all the entries outstanding for settlement upto the date of RG/Service Tax Setoff Date.


Click on Apply Entries button in the bottom:


Click in Detail Button in the bottom. This will open the following screen


The left side of the screen shows the components, liability and remaining liability. Remaining Liability will show the unadjusted amount of duty payable.

The screen will have 3 tabs

a) RG 23 A Part II

b) RG 23 C Part II

c) PLA

Each tab will show the available credit in the respective group.

The first Row in the matrix will be “Credit Available” which will show the credit available under the component.

In case you need to use a input component for settling duty payable under other component like BED in RG 23 A part II to adjust payable under E-cess then relevant rules has to be defined in the setup under “Claim Setoff”.

Now you can fill the values in the component by using various tabs and the remaining liability should become zero for all the components (except when you have service tax credit available which you want to use for settlement). After filling the screen should look like this:


Note that the remaining Liability has become zero for all the components.

Now press escape which will bring you to the earlier screen with a difference:

The values of RG 23 A, RG 23 C , PLA has been filled adjacent to Excise Payable.

Again press escape and you will be come on the Bank Payment Voucher screen. The values will be filled automatically and the voucher will seems to be out of balance


You need not modify anything but simply press post. System will automatically insert the balance account.

That will be it. We are done. You can check the posted entries.

thanx amol it helped me a lot!!



What should i do if remaining liability is more than the credit available .

Can’t i increase the availability from Tax journal? I did the same then also the error comes " The claim amount cannot exceed the liability."

Also i saw that by mistake there is balance available in RG23AAED(TTA) AMOUNT. The user says that it should be in Bed Amount. How can i transfer amount from here to Bed Amount , so that my availability may increase.

Thanks all.