Excise Registers Updations (RG23A,RG23C,PLA)

Hi All,

I need a help to solveing this issue please any one help me to solve,

My question is Who to update the PLA register for Manufaturing industry in Ax 2009, iam done with tax journal but i could not updated.

please any one explain the process of opening balances updation in PLA Register

Hi Narendra,

You can use the following …

To update the BED, CESS & SHEC use the Tax journal from General ledger.

To update the PLA –

A. Pay the Excise Vendor from General Journal.

B. After posting the journal, Click Function > Challan information.

C. Once Challan information is updated, click Function Update PLA

D. Enter the balances of the PLA account and Post.

E. Go to Excise vendor to check the balance. There will be two entries one for Debit and one for credit of the same amount.

F. To check the PLA ledger balance, go to COA and check the Excise PLA account balance.

G. To check the balance in excise register for PLA balance, go to General Ledger > Inquiries > Tax > India posted tax > Excise > Excise register balance.