Excise always means long exercise?

Hi All, I was just trying to create realtime scenarios into exicse localisation version 3.60. I am simply not being able to pay excise through PLA/PartII when the structure of the excise duty is BED + SED .The two bifurcations though they are there do not seem to work. With only BED it works fine. Is this a regular problem faced by all or Do I need to check my set up once more? ( I have set the PLA Account and added balance to it.The balances are also showing in the Excise duty payment application screen but I get an error as : U can not enter amount more than available balances.) I would like to know other experiences as well. Regards, DD

Hi , I too am facing similar problems. I was thinking all the while that its my setup thats wrong!Is there a solution for this! ramya

Hi, I have not tried it with version 3.70 but Ramya,Pl. mention your version number. I do not think that problem will be there in 3.70. 3.70 has lots of improvements in Excise and eXIM.pL. CHECK UP. Regards, DD

This problem is there in 3.70 as well. It is not possible to figure out why this problem comes. I feel there is something wrong in the code itself. Has any one tried it with multiple ECC Nos. and multiple locations??