Exchanging documents by using the file system adapter

I am trying to create a Sales Order with an xml file using the file system adapter, I followed the Walkthrough “Walkthrough: Exchanging documents by using the file system adapter [AX 2012]”:
I did the changes needed in the sample xml file for valid data in my environment.
But when the batch runs, it takes the file in the Inbound Folder as expected and it is deleted but for some reason the Sales Order is not being created and so no xml file in the Outbound folder is being created. And when I check the log of the batch it doesn’t show any message.
Any idea of what could be the reason?
Thanks in advance!


Most likely there must be an error. Check Exceptions form under System administration > Periodic > Services and AIF.

Thank you for your help,

I didn’t know where to look for the errors


Just curious - what was the error?


It was unable to find the customer and the product, and the reason was because of the Inbound Port configuration. In security → Restrict to company

I did’d select any company so It was trying to do the import with the dafault company .

I actually did’nt see that field before. I thought that because I configured the company I wanted in the batch and its tasks it was supposed to be done in that company.

Also a mandatory filed was not checked in the Service Operations

Hi Manuel…

Even i got the same problem that u faced…

I need to know two things .

  1. What is the changes that u have made to the sample xml file? and

  2. Have u got the solution for this problem?

please Help me people ASAP, I’m new to this field…

Thanks in advance

Hi… Harish Mohan Babu…

Do We have to create anything “SalesOrderService” under Service node in AOT which is specified in Action node…?

please Help me ASAP :slight_smile:

Hi Karthikn,

While following this walkthrough the changes that I did to the xml file were to include values that existed in my environment for example the customer account, item Id, using the correct unit of measure for the item etc. But I did not change the structure.

Other than that and what I mentioned in a previous post, I just followed the instructions on the walkthrough and it worked.

Manuel Esquivel

That s fine Manuel :slight_smile:

Thank u so much :slight_smile: its Working fine now… :slight_smile:

and can we hit the break Point in the service class when runs the batch program? and Is that Possible ?

I have a small extension to this question. I followed the walkthrough and the salesorders are taken by AIF fine. My scenario is, these salesorder xml file must be gotten from a software called channel advisor probably using an FTp service and be stored in this file path so that the AIF can take it from there. What can I do within AX 2012 to make this possible?

It may be easiest not to do anything in AX at all. You might use, for example, a shell script to copy files from FTP to a folder in your system and run it periodically with the help of scheduled tasks in Windows.
Some tools also offer mapping FTP as a disk drive.
If you insist on doing it in AX, you might either have a dedicated batch job to copy the files, or you could create your own version of the file system adapter and implement the support for FTP connections there.