Exchange Rate type for Bank

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I have a requirement that is How to change the exchange rate type based on Bank payments. Ex: We created a fields in the bank master and we assign exchange rate type for that bank …so when i do the payment journal of type bank then exchange rate should calculate based on selected bank exchange rate type. if we didn’t mention any thing in the bank then it should be calculated as standard…defined in the ledger setup.

please help me how i can go…

Thanks in Advance…

Guys Any Idea how to achieve this…

Hi Rajendra,

This is not simple. You need to change the complete exchange rate mechanism and you also need to consider a very important point, what will happen when you run currency revaluation.

Generally, system takes the latest exchange rate defined. If you need a different exchange rate then i will suggest to use Forced rate feature. On general journal, under setup tab, there is option for Forced rate. When you select the currency, the exchange rate gets auto populated. You can update the exchange rate as per bank and click on Forced rate. this way system will take the exchange rate as define by you during transaction.

Forced rate is standard feature and try to use this rather than going for big customization.


Hi Pranav,

Thanks for the Reply and Suggestion but over here my requirement is our client have some commitment with the bank for selling the currency and for purchasing the currency they will have different exchange rates so when ever they are using that bank exchange rate should calculated as per the defined exchange rate in bank master …

if they didn’t mention any thing in the bank then system should calculate the default exchange rate as defined in the Ledger Setup…

So can you have any idea how i can do that …

by default system will calculate the exchange rate based in Ledger after that if i select bank i need to override the value.

I am not getting how i can go further …can you please help me on this…

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Rajendra,

I can think of two options and both of this will be customization:

  1. You can create a new field in bank for exchange rate. Now whenever that bank account is selected on the journal, then you can link the exchange rate to the forced exchange rate in the journal. This linking is something you need to customize. if you using this then certain things needs to be taken care of. The exchange rate will be valid for all the voucher of the journal.

  2. You can have a new exchange rate type for bank. Whenever you do transactions then system should override the exchange rate type as defined on ledger. The other thing you need to take care of the exchange rate revaluation thing.

Both the option i suggested need thorough analysis, so i will suggest you take suggestion from your finance BA also. There can be other option too which may be shared by other community poster.


Dear Pranav,

If we select the other than base compnay, intercompnay vendor and change the ex rate, line amount is not changing as per modified ex rate in Accounts payable bank payment journal line > general tab > ex rate field

Company: A (Base company) Bank AC CR

Company B (Inter company): Vendor AC DR

Can you please tell that how to change the line amount as per modified ex rate in ac payable module.

Looking for your reply at the earliest.

Best Regards