Exchange rate - reverse the base currency

Dear all ,

I need your suggestions about the following scenario:

1- we use 2 currencies :USD as LCY , Iraqi Dinaras ACY

2- common exchange rate is 1:1200 ( USD: IQD) :

3- in any transaction , we need to change the exchange rate we enter , 1 IQD = .000728 USD

this means exchange rate moves in .000001 , which cause huge differences in calculations .

Question is :

is there anyway to use exchange rate in reversed way , in other words :use 1 USD as a basis for exchange rate so enter it as :

1 USD = 1200 IQD for example ??

Why you have use USD as LCY as your LCY is IQD ???

You need to use IQD as LCY and USD as ACY

These are our company business rules, because most of our activities occurred in USD

Hi, You can increase the denomination of conversion from 1 to 100 or greater in AX 2012. It will not cause the difference in Exchange rate calculation. Thanks.

I use NAV 2009 [:D]