Exchange rate provide in Dynamics 365 for operations


I need to make an exchange rate provider in Dynamics 365 for operations. I tried to use Yahoo exchange. Then got this message:

An exchange rate could not be found for ISO currency codes USD and THB, on the following date: 3/29/2017. Verify the ISO currency codes that are supported by the provider and that are available for the requested date.

does anybody have tried ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rosa,

Did you actually get some rates imported with this job?
You have to check the settings you used for getting the rates. Which date selection did you provide? If there is a date where no new exchange rates were provided by Yahoo, you will get this warning.

You already got suggestions in the error message itself, therefore it would be wise to follow them.
First make sure that the exchange rate provider supports the currency pair (USD - THB).
Then check if there is any rate for your selected date.