Exchange Rate not saved


On the Journal Voucher i am tring to change the exchRate field.

When i am leaving the field (without saving) the new value is accepted.

But, when i am pressing the Save (disket) button the old value returns and overwrites the new value i have just entered.

Can you tell me why is that? How can i make it save the new value when i’m pressing the save button?

also, when a method is called using the Data Method property, and the method has parameters - What are the values

they get when it is being called? (Are they getting defalut values by their type?)

thanks in advance,


Hi Yaniv,

Regarding your first query, it looks you are trying to change exchange rate incorrectly. This is the reason why value gets overwritten.

Usually journal vouchers are end result of posting which by nature read only. Please let us know more details of what you are trying to achieve.

Regarding your second query related to data method property, which method are you referring to?


Is the currency what are using in the journal lines is the Standard currency (given in company information)

or you have changed the Currecy too…

If it is standard currecy it will through an error…

otherwise it will accept the given value…

Thank for your answers and time.

The exchenge rate i fill in the field is meeting with damands of exchange rate value.

There is an accounting worker who got that issue so i’m guessing that the values she entered are good.

Let me explain it again but more specificly,

There’s the field when you enter the exchange rate.

When i’m trying to change it with some custom value one of two things happen.

The first, if i enter my new value to the field and press any other control BUT the save button - it will take the new value.

The second, if i enter my new value to the field and press the SAVE button - it will return to the old value.

Abount the other question i had above:

I have a data method connected to that field.

What if the data method is declared with parameters?

like :public display boolean getValue(bool val1, str val2)

What are the values this method gets when it comes for the display?

Which event calles it? Or is there other mechanizm that works here?

What i’v discovered using the debugger is when i’m pressing the Save button - is comes with boolean parameter as FALSE,

and when i just press any other control it sends TRUE.