Exchange rate in sales transaction

In Sales process how to handle transaction in multicurrency where have a different currency rate between sales and tax. Thanks

Hi can you confirm that I understand you correctly. The sale is to a customer who uses a foreign currency. The system calculates the conversion rate and the value in that customers currency, then the tax is calculated on top of the sale at a percentage of the sale but at a different currency rate. Now I am confusing myself Basically you want the sale to be caluculated at one exchange rate and the tax and another? (Are we sure its in teh same currency as well?!) If so you will require a modification here as the standard way Navision automatically handles tax is to add a percentage onto the sale value. That said you could always add another line onto the sales order specifically for tax reasons, and adjust the price to match the tax, although this would be a laboriously manual process for each sale. Of course if you do this you have to watch the stock of this item! Not to mention that you would not want the system calculating standard tax on both of these items! Please explain further and I will try and advise further, and perhaps be of some help next time! Steve

Hi I would also like to add that there maybe a localisation in the world that handles this requirement, well there should be if this is how the country operates. Steve

Hi Steven, In our country, Periodicly, Tax Service Institution issue standard rate that used as VAT rate. When sales happens, system can save information about sales(LCY) using commercial rate based on fluctuative of exchange rate and VAT(LCY) using VAT rate. Yenty

Hi Yenty I tried to reply several times during the recent shenanigan but the system kept crashing whenever I tried to post my reply! Anyway - with regards to your problem - rather you then me! I believe your next step should be to attempt to talk to the country representative of Navision. If the requirement is a legal one then the software really should handle it locally, this is one reason for localisations (the UK is one example of a country that does not run off the world wide version, but a localised variant, for various reasons). If it is not a legal requirement or the NTR will not undertake the changes you either have to adopt a workaround that works, or develop a modification to handle the problem (although I feel your problem could be quite large). Then again several NSC’s could combine to develop the software for the good of the marketplace in that country. Ultimately if the software has to work a certain way legally, the country representative should be giving the resellers at the very least a version they can sell into the country! The question is not an easy one to answer, but good luck in your quest! Steve

This functionality used to be standard. The Currency table did have 2 Exchange Rate fields, and one of the was called something like VAT Exchange Rate. That was up to (and including) version 1.3. When the EURO version (2.0) was released the functionality apparently disapeared. I haven’t looked too much into this, but I am quite sure it is still there somewhere, as Navision does not have a habit of REMOVING functionality between releases. . o O (Now, if only I could find where it is) Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

Thanks for supports NTR suggest me to modify this case