Exchange rate date

Hi ,

Consolidation Online form - Currency transalation tab - Exchange rate date field has two options.

a) Consolidation rate

b) Transaction date

Could any one explain the two fields with an example ?

Which would be general option as per consolidation process ?

you can select which rate system has to consider while consolidating.

consolidation rate: recalculates the transaction with the rate on the date the consolidation process is running.

Transaction date: uses the same rate on the date the transaction had happened.

I think generally it is “Transaction date”, will change based on client’s requirements.

Thanks Santosh ,

Can i know that from where it will pickup the exchange rate ?

Hi Lally,

Above the “Exchange rate date” field we have the option “Exchange rate type”, based on the type system will consider the applicable rate. We know that we can define the exchange rates for each “Exchange rate type”.


Rajesh Kumar Yerram